Oral hygiene plays a significant role in all our lives as it directly influences our overall health. Oral hygiene is more than just brushing and flossing the teeth. Visiting the dentist for periodic consultations allow them to thoroughly diagnose the oral cavity and treat any unexpected conditions that can go on to become severe.

Healthy gums and teeth

Have you noticed small traces of blood on your toothbrush lately when you brush your teeth? Or, do you experience a sharp pain in your teeth when you bite or chew food? This occurs due to the deposition of microbes on the teeth, which form plaque and tartar. Over time, the toxic substances they release can erode the enamel and cause cavities or infect the gums by decaying them.

Irrespective of how well you brush and floss, numerous bacteria can get left behind in the hard-to-reach spots of the mouth, near the gum line, and at the intersection of two teeth. It is almost impossible to remove them by mere brushing. Hence, a professional deep cleaning session by a dentist is in order to remove them. The dentist will perform scaling and root planing to remove the tartar deposits from the tooth crowns and roots, respectively. These procedures are known to be highly effective in preventing cavities and treating gum diseases.

Hold a fresh breath

Bad breath is common in individuals who do not clean their mouth thoroughly. It is caused by the excessive growth of microbes as the day progresses. You can maintain fresh breath by brushing and flossing at least twice every day with an ADA approved toothpaste and soft-medium bristled toothbrush. Ensure to scrub the faces of all the teeth thoroughly, floss to remove the debris and microbes between the teeth, and also clean your tongue as a lot of bacteria stay deposited on it.

Check your diet

A diet comprising a lot of sugary, chewy, sticky, or acidic foods is not suitable for one’s oral health. The food residue and debris left on the teeth and gums act as food for the microbes. Also, they multiply faster under such circumstances. Gargle your mouth with water after every meal to rinse out the food particles and adhered sugary content.

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