COVID-19 has brought upon us such a grave crisis that the entire world has come to a standstill. The fact that a truly successful drug hasn’t yet been found to counter the virus is what’s causing panic. At the moment, staying indoors and socially distancing oneself from outside contact is the best way to keep clear of the pandemic.

What about your routine dental consultations?

You may be wondering how you could attend your routine dental consultations without stepping out of the house. The advancements in technology and dentistry have combined to bring you the best dental solution during this crisis – Teledentistry. It is gaining popularity in recent days and is proving to be quite helpful for patients in need of immediate dental assistance.

What is Teledentistry?

Teledentistry is an online dental consultation between the patient and dentist that takes place over a secure and confidential network. The consultation can happen either on-call or video, as per the requirement. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most dental practices have stopped functioning offline regularly and taken their work online. This ensures safety for both the dentist and patients as they do not come in physical contact.

How is Teledentistry conducted?

When you request your dentist for a teledentistry session, the dentist will schedule a consultation and share the online joining link with you. The dentist will visually examine you, ask you a few questions about your oral condition, and suggest a suitable treatment solution to it. If the condition requires urgent attention, you may have to visit the dentist’s practice. If the condition is treatable by a prescribed dosage of medication, the dentist will send you a prescription, and you can pick the drugs from a nearby pharmacy. If it is not too severe and can wait for the treatment, the dentist will postpone it for a later date.

Advantages of Teledentistry

  • Teledentistry allows the dentist to examine the patient’s mouth visually and suggest suitable treatment while staying at the safety of their homes.
  • The dentist can let the patient know if the condition is serious and if it requires immediate treatment.
  • Parents can have their children’s teeth examined to know if the growth is occurring as expected.
  • Patients who are getting orthodontic treatment using clear aligners can get their teeth examined by the dentist. If they require a new set of aligners, the dentist can simply send them over mail.
  • It allows the dentist to attend to emergency dental concerns.

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