Very competent, courteous and very friendly. Excellent attitudes and great service.

I just went there today for my first time and Dr. Rassiwala is a pain less dentist. I was able to get an x-Ray, teeth cleaned, and a tooth filling all in one day ! Thank you Dr. Rassiwala and staff for taking care of me !! I am very satisfied with my experience.

I’ve been a patient at this practice for about 3 years. I’ve had deep cleaning, a crown replaced, and general dental care. Dr. R. is wonderful and her team is too. They are all very professional and the office uses state of the art dental equipment. I also had Invisalign treatment here. I was impressed with their knowledge and expertise of the team when it came to Invisalign. I have now completed that treatment and am so happy I did it. I would highly recommend this practice for all dental needs.

Dr. Rassiwala was amazing! And Aurea the office manager is so nice and was also really amazing communicating with my dental insurance for me! I am one of those that gets anxiety going to the dentist, but my experience with Dr Rassiwala was anxiety free! Dr. Rassiwala and her assistant Renee made me feel as comfortable as I could possibly be! Dr. Rassiwala did a very thorough exam and put together a treatment plan for me. I went back to have two teeth filled that needed to be done for a long time, Dr. Rassiwala did a beautiful job and it was pain and anxiety free! Thank you Dr. Rassiwala, Renee and Aurea for a 5 star experience!

Wonderful service from the entire team! They do a great job making me feel comfortable and informed during every visit.

Dr. Rassiwala and her team are fantastic. I felt comfortable the moment I walked in. She is kind, patient and gentle. The entire experience was actually enjoyable, and no one likes the dentist so that’s saying something! Appointments are easy to schedule as well. Thank for for your warm, compassionate care!

This is the best medical office I’ve ever been to. I drive all the way out here from Sacramento and it’s worth it! The staff is so attentive and friendly, they’re happy to answer your calls after hours and go out of their way to help you get all the info. The doctor is wonderful, explains everything she does, explains in detail what to expect and checks in on you after the procedure, also welcoming you to contact her after hours if you have any issues. They have Netflix while you’re getting your procedure which helps a lot mentally, so you don’t have to be focused on the horrific sound of dental machines. Their office hours are also very convenient if you work full-time during regular business hours. Can’t recommend them enough!

Dr Farahana, is great. My experience at the Dental office was pleasant. The wait time was very short. The care provided was excellent

My insurance changed and I had to look for a new dentist. I’m very happy that I found this one.Everybody is so friendly and professional, from the front desk to the hygienist and Dr.The office is modern and clean, and the equipment is top of the line.They are also good with teens and kids, mine were very pleased.

Dr. Rassiwala is a sweetheart and has a very kind and supportive staff! She will explain everything to you in great detail, work with you at your tolerance and pace, and is great with reminders and follow-ups. I highly recommend her for her professionalism and thoroughness. Thank you for providing excellent service and customer satisfaction!The ability to watch Netflix during a procedure is a plus!

So just to update … I am still seeing Dr R. I continue to get little things done like repairing old feelings, replacing a couple old caps, and I am still pleased with the dentist. The one thing she concentrates on is maintenance, repair and preserving what you have. Still happy.
M C.

I had such a great experience today with my son . He was feeling very comfortable with the dentist and got taken care of he really didn’t even need me there for support . Well grandma was there for him 😉 But the dentist kept me updated on everything while I took care of other things in the lobby and was very professional . She is great with kids . Super customer service from receptionist. They really do care. Provided a great experience overall. Thank you ladies are the best!

Dr. R is an angel! She’s the nicest dentist I’ve ever had and you can tell she cares about her patients. Doctors of all types should come learn bedside manner from her. Two things stand out in particular,1. She explains everything. And in detail that’s easy to process and understand. I’ve been to dentists once or twice a year for my whole life, but this is the first dentist that’s put the holistic nature of oral health in perspective for me.2. She’s not judgmental. She listens patiently about any concerns and speaks to your issues with an authority that only comes from having extensive experience and knowledge. I’m sure you’ve experienced judgmental health professionals that make you feel bad for asking questions and trying to understand your own health. You’ve probably been to medical professionals that stutter and stammer and try to shut down your concerns because they don’t know the answer and don’t want to appear uninformed. Dr. R is the opposite of this type of doctor and it makes an enormous difference.If you have ever put off dental health because of worries about dental offices, go see Dr. Rassiwala, hands down.I’ll be moving into San Francisco soon, and it’s a long way away from the office, but I’m going to continue using this practice as my primary dentist because how impressed I was during my visit today.

This is a super nice dentist office. Dr Rassiwala and everyone is wonderful. She knows what she’s doing and explains everything. I’ve been to a few different dentists and this is probably my favorite now. I have a ton of problems but they’re taking care of it all. Can be a little expensive but I’m a special case and I’m happy doing it here rather than trying to save money somewhere else. Tons of newer technology, TV’s and massage chairs! Oh and it doesn’t smell like a dentist office.

Dr. Rassiwala did excellent work! Her office was clean, modern and uses state of the art dental equipment. It was nice to be able to watch a movie during my visit. After the treatment she followed up with a phone call.

This is a terrific group of folks everyone from Dr. R. and Rene and the crew they are warm, sympathize and best of all competent. The office is new, ultra clean and parking isn’t difficult. The front lot is busy, but park BEHIND the office and walk thru Eric’s deli and turn right. Be nice and pick up a cookie from Eric’s. No! Not for you, you’re going to the Dentist remember silly? For the staff, because they deserve a treat after looking at everyone’s pie hole! Thanks Dr. V, you’re super duper great!

I had my cavities treated and teeth whitened by Dr. Rassiwala a few months ago and had 0 issues so far. My teeth still feels white and clean.The equipment in this dentistry is super up-to-date, at least compared to other dentists I’ve been to. TV and Pandora music was available during the treatment. I didn’t use it, but it was nice to have the option.Dr. Rassiwala seemed very knowledgeable and was patient in answering all of my questions. She is very thorough in explaining what problems you may have, why it is a problem, how she plans to treat it, and any possible side effects. Dr. Rassiwala also ensured that I am comfortable during my entire stay in the office.I would highly recommend Inspire Smiles Dental to anyone who is looking for a genuine, knowledgeable, and professional dentist.

Dr. Farhana Rassiwala is amazing. She has taken care of me and my 3 children for the past couple of years now. She has been instrumental in making the process of coordinating with our orthodontist and dental surgeons very easy. She always sends us text messages in the evening of our appointment day to make sure everyone is feeling ok. She truly cares and you get to watch Netflix while you are waiting. Her front desk coordinator and her assistant are also really great! I highly recommend Inspire Smiles 🙂

The whole team here is super amazing and are super flexible with appointment times. I love that I can caught up on nextflix and get a back massage while in the chair too. Definitely recommend.

Dr Rassiwala was very personal able and explained everything in detail prior to doing any work. She made sure I understood and felt completely comfortable before during and after treatment. She texted and even called me to see how I was doing the evening after my appointment! I was shocked! The office is well kept and has the most upTo date and innovative technology. The office staff is helpful with billing questions and making sure I felt comfortable and had no questions as well! I would highly recommend this office and doctor!

Very impressed with the dental care that Inspire Dental provides. Dr. Rassiwala and her team makes you feel very comfortable and I appreciate the fact the she is very thorough in explaining in detail the situation. She even followed up with me via phone and text to see how I was doing after my having a procedure done.

This is by far the best dentist I have been to. I used to go there when I lived in Dublin.The office is very clean, very nicely organized and very cozy. Dr. Rassiwala is awesome. Very patient, respectful and knowledgeable and trustworthy. I had cleanings and a couple of procedures done. With the massaging chairs and the ability to watch netflix while your teeth are being worked on, it doesn’t feel like a dental office at all. It makes it fun and relaxing and your teeth get in good shape.

I’m two for two with bad luck with my teeth. But both my experiences have been great. I am extremely nervous about the dentist and they are very kind and understanding!

I am so glad I found them through Groupon. The staff is very thorough, efficient, and accommodating! The office is very open, clean, and easy to navigate. Everyone seems to love their job and enjoys working with patients. Thank you!

Dr. Rassiwala is AMAZING!!!!! She actually cares about her patients and is, patient, gentle, kind, and understanding. My husband has a long history of terrible dental experiences and teeth problems, and Dr. Rassiwala is the only dentist he will go to. Her Nad her assistant were great with my two kids, who she 4 and 2. They explained everything they were doing to them and took time and we’re super sweet.Do yourself a favor and come here with your family, you won’t regret it

All the staff here are great and you can tell they really care about their patients. They make the experience as pleasant as it possibly could be. I would not go anywhere else after coming here. The office is really nice and I definitely recommend you give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

I don’t have much qualms about going to the dentist but for people who do this dental office is for you! From the moment you walk in, any anxieties or dental nightmares that you may have will be ripped out of your core. From the get go, you are warmly welcomed to the tastefully decorated and spacious waiting room and then are proceeded to be offered drinks and snacks (if you want), and it all gets easier after that. I purchased the Groupon for the exam, x-ray, cleaning, and whitening, and at the first second your butt touches that seat you just feel well taken care of. Dr. Rassiwala and her dental assistant Renee have a light touch that I nearly fell asleep at one point. They explain everything so thoroughly as well. It’s all high tech so you can actually see for yourself what’s going on inside of your mouth which is a plus. There is no guessing game. Additional bonuses are that, the dental chair actually massages your back. No lie. You can also watch Netflix while getting your procedure done.I don’t have any dental insurance and have to go back for more work but they do offer a discount so I’m all about this place. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Everybody in this place is honestly so great. I love that their mission statement is to inspire their patients to take care of themselves from top to bottom, hence the name Inspire Smiles Dental.

I was really impressive with Inspire. Their office was really clean and nice. The dentist used all high tech equipment. She was very gentle and caring. After the work was done, she followed up to make sure work was done great. My cap turned out great and I highly recommend.

WOW! Dr. Rassiwala has been spectacular! I have MAJOR anxiety about going to the dentist and from the moment I walked into her office I felt nothing but absolute comfort! Dr. Rassiwala does offer anxiety treatment if you are in need of it, which is very hard to come by these days!!! She was so gentle and knowledgeable! Her staff is super friendly and gentle and did a great job with the treatment schedule. The waiting area was also really great – they have complimentary refreshments, a children’s area, TV, magazines, and really comfortable furniture (always a plus when you’re waiting for your kids to complete their treatments). I also took my children there too (6 and 8) and they also had a great experience. The dental rooms were really relaxing, the chairs are new with massaging functions (really key for people who have anxiety) and monitors with headphones to watch Netflix and other shows. If you have anxiety about going to the dentist (or don’t), I highly recommend going to see her, you will definitely be happy you did.

I had such a great experience at Inspire Dental. If you are looking for a place that feels welcoming and warm, this is a place for you. Dr. Rassiwala is very personable and makes you feel comfortable, which is extremely important to me for a dental office. You will be taken care of with such great care and professionalism. I totally recommend this place.

Honest, personable, thorough dentist! Hard to come by in my experience so I appreciate it tremendously when I come across reputable dentist offices that aren’t just looking out for their business, but take care in my oral health and overall health. Keep up the great work.
J D.

Great place, wonderful staff, and Dr. Rassiwa is wonderful. Front desk help are always helpful, courteous, and welcoming. Dr. Rassiwa is thorough, she explains everything and anything she’s about to do before doing work on your teeth. She fitted my crown perfectly and she referred to another wonderful Ortho professional. Thank you Inspire Smiles Dental.

Great experience! Very professional staff and amazing service. They also were able to fit me in on a Saturday which worked perfect for my schedule. I will definitely be going back.

This place not only looks great but the staff and Dr. Rassiwala are great as well. They were able to fit me in on a Saturday and check my silver filling that had fallen out the night before. Since it was a Saturday they weren’t able to check my dental insurance until Monday and got back to me in a timely manner with my dental eligibility. When I went in for my filling the next Saturday I was greeted warmly by the lovely front desk, assisted to the room by the helpful dental assistant. She and Dr. Rassiwala prepped me for my filling. They made me feel comfortable from the start of the numbing gel to the final touches to the filling. I also liked how I was able to watch Netflix during the procure to help distract me. Overall, I had a great experience here and plan to return for my routine check up. I have found my dentist! P.S Bring some lip balm

Great again. The staff is so lovely. I enjoyed an apple juice in the very clean lobby. During my cleaning I watched Bob’s Burgers. They are very patient with me and they kept checking in with me during my cleaning. My teeth feel very clean today and they gave me some tips for my future teeth care.

I had a dentist in Walnut Creek. I ran into a major toothache on a Saturday AND it was my birthday. My dentist would not come in and help me. I called Inspire Dental based on their reviews. They got me in right away and helped me get out of pain. I have since gone to them for ALL my work. They are professional, patient, kind, and have a state of the art office. I would refer them to EVERYONE!!! I am so grateful for them!

I’ve come to this dentist through Groupon and it was an excellent deal even better than what I expected!They were very flexible on the appointment and I’ve got the time and the day that I wanted. When I arrived to the clinic every was in order and ready and didn’t have to wait too long like other dentists. The clinic was spacious, clean, and elegant and I really felt comfortable there.The Dr. Farhana Rassiwala was super nice and humble and she explained to me what she’s gonna do in detail -the way I like- then after taking the x-rays and the examination, she started the cleaning by herself -and that was great-. She pays attention to the detail and she’s done the job perfectly. Also, the whitening was very pleasant and even nice hygienist gave me the whole kit to continue at home.In general, it was a very pleasant experience to me and her prices overall are competitive and doesn’t seem to be greedy like most of today’s dentists!5 out of 5!!!

Thanks to Groupon, I found my perfect dentist. I purchased the option without teeth whitening. So I can only comment on their teeth cleaning service which was great. Also, it is rare to find a dentist who cleans your teeth since most dental offices have hygienists do the cleaning job. And the cost for fillings is cheaper compared to other dental places. They also offer a discount if you don’t have dental insurance.I love it when the dentist takes time to get to know me (the patient)! The dentist is sincere and sweet. I truly feel that she cares a lot about her patients. I enjoyed watching “Friends” on Netflix while getting the dental work done. Afterwards, the dentist made an effort to email & call me on the same day. Thanks for your follow up & keep up with the good work, Dr. Rassiwala!

I went in to Inspire Smiles Dental for a regular check up and teeth cleaning, followed by a two cavity fills last week. Dr. Rassiwala and her team were not only really professional, but they were extremely friendly and welcoming as well. They understood my busy life so Carmen, their front desk admin, accommodated the way she scheduled appointments based on my preferences. My two visits there were pleasant, and I felt very comfortable during both procedures. Dr. Rassiwala and her dental assistant, Renee, always made sure that I knew what they were doing and for what reason. My teeth felt really smooth and clean after the regular cleaning, and when I had to get my cavities filled, it was painless and efficient. Dr. Rassiwala continuously checked in on my level of comfortability and pain during the entire procedure; she even cared enough to send me a follow-up text later on in the day to make sure I was okay. The chairs and equipment are very comfortable and clean; you can even watch your favorite Netflix show while they work on giving you a better and healthier smile!I was in complete amazement at how great I felt being there because of the excellent customer service that they provided. You can essentially get a teeth cleaning and basic dental services at any dental office, but I highly recommend going into Inspire Smiles Dental because they not only value your oral health, but they also value you as a human being and customer. It was my first time going there, and I was hesitant to visit the dentist after previous bad experiences I have had in the area elsewhere, but I am glad I made the decision to visit their office for the services that I needed. My parents and sister were not wrong when they told me to switch over to them, and I will now become a regular patient there.

I had my teeth cleaned today along with a whitening treatment. They are very professional and personable. I really enjoyed my visit…..I don’t generally enjoy dentist visits:) The doctor was very nice and she does not mind explaining the process with you. The dental assistant was equally professional. I just launched a start up so when I establish a dental insurance plan with my company, I certainly will become a regular Inspire’s patient.

I got a groupon and this was the BEST DENTAL EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!…and I’ve been going to the dentist twice a year for 25 years plus. Place is very clean with the latest technology, tasteful decor and massage seats which are also very comfortable and minimal wait time. This stuff is great and I consider it a bonus because what I really care about the quality of work. Staff and Dr. Farhana Rassiwala are very kind and knowledgeable. Xrays are usually painful for me due to the instrument they put in my mouth which pokes me but this experience was painless. The Dr. did not try to sell me unnecessary procedures. She is very smart and educated me on some issues that I have that no other dentist, either bothered to go thru with me or they did not diagnose it. She explained everything very clearly and spent adequate time with me. My previous dentist tried to fill 10 cavities that they claimed I had so I got a second opinion from a known dentist who said I have no cavities. This dentist also said I do not have any cavities so did not try to fool me. This dentist is very professional and the visit was virtually painless. The whitening treatment she used is a gentler one than zoom which means she cares about patient safety instead of using something harsh for the result of very white teeth but with more side effects. Also this dentist got out all my coffee stains and took her time to do things right. I did not feel pressured to make another appointment because I think this dentist just allows the quality of her work to speak for itself. Once I get insurance I am definitely going back to this dental office.

I am 77 years old Best dental experience i have ever had. Dr and staff are great everything new and beautiful

Let’s face it NO ONE likes going to the dentist…until you find one like I did at Inspire Smiles Dental. The atmosphere is open, clean and the decor is very NOW. Its gorgeous for an office. From start to finish I felt pampered. They offered snacks and drinks prior to my appointment. Throughout the treatment I was asked if I was comfortable and with massaging chairs who wouldn’t be. Dr. Rassiwala’s touch was so gentle and her assistant was amazing. During the cleaning I watched Disney’s Mulan from my chair on Netflix. My first visit was x-rays, cleaning and whitening too. It was my first time whitening and it went well.Plus they sent me home with the whitening kit to maintain my results. My teeth were a little sensitive afterwards which soon faded. It was to be expected and was informed prior. This visit has changed my hesitation about dentistry. Hands down the best experience I have ever had. I even set up my follow up appointment for 6 months. BIGGEST BONUS! NO CAVITIES! YAY!

I got a Groupon for an Exam, Cleaning and Teeth Whitening. First off, coffee and snacks seem counterintuitive right before getting an exam, but they offered and I loved it! Everyone that works there was really nice. Everything was brand new, clean and cute. They had all the top of the line fancy equipment that showed me fancy digital photos of my cavities (oops!) and the subtle back massage from the dental chair was dreamy. I need more services (the cavities. ick) than the Groupon paid for, but I don’t want to get them until my insurance from my new job kicks in. They were VERY NICE and not pushy or weird about trying to up-sell or make me do anything, and were really clear about what everything would potentially cost. The whitening treatment didn’t hurt at all and worked basically as well as Zoom (which I’ve done before and it made me want to shoot myself in the face, my teeth were so sensitive afterwards), so I totally recommend that as well. Overall, this was maybe the best dentist experience I’ve ever had.

Love coming here! Dr. Rassiwala is so friendly and accommodating. It’s probably my best experience coming here. She’s our favorite dentist and such a great place to have our teeth cleaned and maintained for optimal health!


Awesome place to take care of your dental Needs, my kids and I love it I do recommend Inspire Smile Dental


My family and I have been patients of Dr. Rassiwala for many years – we couldn’t ask for a better experience! The staff are great and very reliable – I always trust their advice.


I have been coming here since they opened and they have made me feel so welcome like visiting a friends house. The Dr. explains everything so you understand all the details of what is going on and what it means. Her priority is to make you feel comfortable. My boyfriend needed some work done and I told him you have to go to Inspire Smile Dental they are amazing!! So, he went for an exam and I asked ‘what do you think?’, He said, ‘I:m comfortable there I’m gonna get my work done here set up the appointment’. They are amazing!!


Excellent service, from the time you walk in and then leave. The staff are courteous and knowledgeable in the service they provide and Dr. Rassiwala is hands down the best dentist I have visited and with a very gentle touch!!


I was very impressed with all of the staff. The doctor herself was excellent, and gave me clear information with no drama (like trying to upsell me on things I couldn’t afford). I was stressed out going in, but I won’t hesitate to go back. I have to return to get some work done, and while I’m nervous about the procedure (fear of needles), I feel confident that I am in good hands, which makes it easier.


Dr Farahana, is great. My experience at the Dental office was pleasant. The wait time was very short. The care provided was excellent


As pleasant and professional as you can get! Dr. Rassiwala and team (Renee & Aurea) are highly professional, knowledge and oh-so-friendly. If you are looking for a kind, gentle, knowledge DDS, with a top-notch staff, state-of-art equipment, and a beautiful, clean office, look no further! Prices are reasonable and comparable. In 35 years I’ve only had two dentists, both retired. So happy and blessed I found Dr. Rassiwala and her wonderful team as my new go-to dentist… 🙂 Thank you, Dr. Rassiwala, Renee & Aurea!


Such a positive experience. Great staff! Very accommodating. They make you feel at home. Their office is stylish and inviting. They’re ready with smiles as soon as you walk in. My check up was swift and thorough. I felt well taken care of at the end of my visit. I’ll continue to go here as long as I live in the Bay Area.


I have finally found a dentist who is very quality oriented, gentle, and someone whom I can trust w/o worrying about the sales pitch .. they use the latest technology & dental equipment; cleanliness is top notch; and are very accommodating with scheduling. It’s about Quality, Quality and Quality at reasonable price.


I’ve been seeing Dr. Rassiwala for my dental care for about 2 years. She’s absolutely the best dentist I’ve ever had.


Been going to this dental office for the last few years, and love the service and quality of equipment they use here!


Awesome great, wonderful, friendly fast in and out service, the Dr is great she explains everything to you an your options. Her assistant Renee is also just awesome and friendly and makes you feel at ease. highly recommend them.


If I could give them 10 stars I would! Here’s the breakdown:

I had my cavities treated and teeth whitened by Dr. Rassiwala a few months ago and had 0 issues so far. My teeth still feels white and clean. The equipment in this dentistry is super up-to-date, at least compared to other dentists I’ve been to. TV and Pandora music was available during the treatment. I didn’t use it, but it was nice to have the option. Dr. Rassiwala seemed very knowledgeable and was patient in answering all of my questions. She is very thorough in explaining what problems you may have, why it is a problem, how she plans to treat it, and any possible side effects. Dr. Rassiwala also ensured that I am comfortable during my entire stay in the office. I would highly recommend Inspire Smiles Dental to anyone who is looking for a genuine, knowledgeable, and professional dentist.


Great staff.. Great Dentist…And they have Netflix. What else do you need! Side note: the office is extremely clean and has great lighting if that helps.


Well, as much as you can love a dentist. I had been shopping for a dentist and tried here, after trying another. She was willing to discuss what I had been told and offered her own opinion on what she felt the priorities should be, I had not gone in years, and why. If I had went with the other, I would paid out a very large amount of money and still not have done the work she has done. Very happy and can feel a noticeable difference.


If you are looking for a great Dental office with a superior professional Doctor and a caring staff, then you must come to this office and experince my service reviews for yourself. I did not have to wait for an hour for my turn, and the Doctor and the staff truly cared for my needs and the traetment. This is the best dental office I have been to, where I did not feel the office is looking for an excuse to find what is wrong so they can bill the insurance. The name “Inspire” is very befitting to this place, and I am sure gald that I found this office, I wish I could find a similar treatment office for my medical needs. The office is new with the state of the art technology, but most of all it has the feeling of a Human place, a professional Doctor and a caring staff which will bring me back for my dental care.


Dr. Rassiwala DDS and her team Renee and Carmen are outstanding. They provide professional, state-of-the-art dental care all in a friendly, fun and comfortable environment. They truly care about you and your dental health. All treatments and procedures are explained clearly and honestly and there is never any pressure or “upselling”. For once I can actually say I ENJOY going to the dentist! Please give Inspire Smiles Dental a visit, you will NOT be disappointed.


Great service from the minute you walk in. Dr. Rassiwala and her staff are very professional and friendly, they all made me feel very comfortable during my visit. Beautiful new office!!


Let me start by saying I am picky when it comes to my health, period. Health provider services, costs, knowledge & experience, patience, and genuine care are all on my list of “must have”. It had been many years since my last dentist visit due to lack of superior customer service from other dentist, staff, and all that I have mentioned above. Inspire Smiles Dental met all my needs on all my visits. I am very happy and satisfied with everything they have done for my teeth, gums, and appearance. Dr. Rassiwala is highly educated & knowledgeable of the services that she provides. She takes the time to explain thoroughly what needs to be done, maintaining a healthy mouth, and future care, which I really appreciate. She also made follow up phone calls towards the end of the day to see how I was doing (no dentist had ever done that). I never felt rushed during my visits, when making my appointments, or when I had questions. Dr. Rassiwala and her staff answered and returned all my questions & phone calls with courtesy in a timely manner. The office is immaculate with modern day style, plenty of parking, and conveniently located off 580 freeway. I highly recommend Inspire Smiles Dental for dental care and superior customer service.


As hard as it is to associate a visit to a dentist with pleasure, it was nothing short of a pleasure to visit Dr. Rassiwala in her new practice. Great office, modern equipment, great service, and in convenient East Bay location sums it up. I have been a patient of Dr. Rassiwala for over 3 years now and, upon learning that she will be staring on her own, decided to wait until the practice opened doors just so I can continue receiving the best dental care I had in my life from her hands. She is just that good! I have never been seen by a dentist who cared more about what is best for me, was more accommodating, and applied absolutely no pressure to push services, as so many other practitioners do these days… Dr. Rassiwala takes the time to get to know her patients, their individual needs and goals as it comes to dental health, and slowly works with patients towards attainment of their objectives, giving options/alternatives along the way so patients can make their own educated choices. She is also uncompromising to the quality of her work and takes no shortcuts to ensure one gets the best of what they came for. If you are not happy with you current dental care, or don’t have a dentist at the moment, just stop by her practice and get to meet her in person. She will brighten your smile and you day, I promise!


Every time I visit Aria, Renee, and Dr. Rassiwalla they make me feel comfortable. They have a state of the art office with amenities. I can listen to music or watch Netflix while I get a cleaning. importantly, they take great care of me and my families’ dental hygiene. Unfortunately, I needed some extensive dental procedures. Dr Rassiwalla recommended the Doctors she new would do the best job, and they did. I could not be happier with Inspire Smiles Dental!! Thanks ladies!


Very clean office and the staff & dr were all very kind and professional with my kids.

My kids had a great cleaning appointment! The dentist and staff were very friendly and gave me lots of good information. I highly recommend Inspire Dental.


Utmost care & topnotch service, strongly recommend for dental care

I’m not a lover of dentists but Dr. Rassiwala and her team are the BEST! They go above and beyond for you as a patient. I’m always going to come back. Thank you guys for making it sooo pleasant for me.


Dr. Rassiwala’s dental office is great. The office its self has great accommodation in the waiting area and they have the latest technology. My favorite thing about Dr. Rassiwala is her gentle touch, I have such sensitivity it’s hard to go to any dentist. I highly recommend her.


I love my new crowns, which is a relief since they are my two front upper teeth. Even the temporary ones looked great. Thank you, Dr Rassiwala and Renee, her assistant.


I’ve been going to Dr. Rassiwala for 3 years and she has always been very professional and honest. I’ve never had to question her treatment recommendation for me and my four boys. She has a beautiful office and has the state of the art equipment. She also has a wonderful staff that is very kind and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Rassiwala for your dental care.


Very nice staff with a super cool modern vibe, can watch Netflix while getting my teeth clean in a massage chair


They have really nice people working at the office. They also get the job done while making sure the patient is comfortable. Favorite dentist I have gone to.


Great dental practice! I have been a patient for years and have received nothing but the best quality dental care, delivered with personal touch… Greatly recommend the professional services of Dr. Rassiwala and her team. Join their practice and you won’t be disappointed!


I initially came here through Groupon and because they were highly rated on yelp. The staff and the dentist are wonderful and helpful.


I came here becasue it was near my job, and easy hours to schedule, they are even open saturdays. The office atmosphere is great, they even have coffe,teas, and water in the waiting room. But i didnt even have a long waiting time. dr. Rassiwala is so gental and explaines so well what i needed. Im glad i came here cuz it feels like the staff and Dr. truly care. you guys are awsome.