Root Canal is a tooth-saving dental procedure. It is performed to remove the decay and to save the patient from tooth loss. There are various signs that signal the need for root canal therapy, a few of which have been listed below.

Severe tooth pain

If you have lingering or intense tooth pain, you may need a root canal procedure. Pain that is severe and unexpected or lingering can be caused by cavities. You need a dentist to look at your tooth and determine what is causing the discomfort.

Tooth discoloration

The discoloration is an early symptom of a root canal infection. Patients may notice that their teeth have darkened over time. A root canal infection can cause the inner layers of a tooth to darken, which can make the entire tooth appear darker.

Discoloration may also be caused by tooth decay. A cavity can cause discoloration in a tooth, but it’s less noticeable. If decay is allowed to spread deep into a tooth, it can cause discoloration.

Tooth sensitivity

When you have tooth sensitivity, you should come in for a dental exam right away. Tooth sensitivity is a sign that you may need a root canal session.

You may notice that your tooth is sensitive when you eat hot or cold foods. You may also notice that your tooth is sensitive when you brush your teeth. If you experience pain when you eat or brush your teeth, you should come in for a dental exam right away.

Swelling in the gums and face

There are many reasons why you experience swelling in your face and gums. However, if your tooth is decayed, then you may experience swelling in your gums, face, and mouth. This is the result of toxins and bacteria moving into the bloodstream.

You may also experience swelling in your jaw, face, and neck. This can happen because the infection has spread to your jaw. It’s also common to experience bruising around your gums, signaling the need for a root canal treatment.

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